KR Wilson in the USA and VLC tools in Europe

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KR Wilson in the USA and VLC tools in Europe

Post  Brad in Germany on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:09 pm

I have several tools made by (and stamped) VLC that I acquired in Europe (Germany and Denmark). I also have several original VLC tool catalogs. The tools in the VLC catalog and the VLC tools that I have in my collection appear to be exactly the same as USA made KR Wilson tools. The only difference is that they are stamped VLC vice KRW. Even many of the pictures of the tools in the VLC catalog are exactly the same as the picture in the KRW catalog, with only difference being that the stamping on the tools say VLC (when visible in the catalogs). The VLC tools (and catalogs) in my collection are 1930's era tools used for servicing early Ford vehicles (mostly Model A, but Model Y, Model B, Model 40, etc)

Does anyone know what the relationship was between KRW in the US and VLC in Europe?

I also have a catalog from France that shows that VLC tools were sold in France through Fenwick.

Thanks for any insight that you can provide.

Brad in Germany (actually now in MD)

Brad in Germany

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