KRW Tool stand in gray

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KRW Tool stand in gray

Post  PilotDaveWilson on Sun Sep 02, 2012 11:20 am

Does anyone remember the grey color used by my grand uncle KR? I have a stand that I want to refurbish.

I remember living in Arcade during the 40s-50s. My dad, Hugh Wilson worked at KR Wilson along with his brothers Lawrence and Homer. My grandfather, Frank C. was there too. I don't really remember KR as he died when I was 6 but I do remember the funeral. I also remember playing in the foundry sand, before OSHA, and walking thru the plant going from school to grandpa's house on Liberty St, adjacent to the plant. The company was sold in the late 50's as I remember.

It is too bad that many of these companies could not compete and that we have seemed to lose our way in manufacturing in this country (my opinion)

I am glad that someone is keeping this history alive. Best wishes.

Dave Wilson


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